Meaning The meaning of the name Allan is Little Rock, rock, A variant spelling of 'Alan'. From Celtic origin meaning 'harmony, peace' derived from the elements ailin and alun.,

Origin German, The origin of the name Allan is English, Gaelic, Unknown, A Celtic name of uncertain etymology. Alan was brought to England by the Normans during the Conquest. The name was borne by Alan, earl of Brittany, a follower of William the Conqueror.,

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Numerology information ALLAN:

numerology You are extremely intelligent, philosophical and imaginative! You are psychically gifted and may enjoy your own solitude. Since you choose not to take anything at face value, your path will lead you to study, test, and analyze everything. You are a born searcher and seeker of truth, and attracted to all things spiritual and mystical. Your goal is devoted to investigations into the unknown, and to finding answers to the mysteries of life. You will be successful in any field that calls for analysis, deductive reasoning, scientific knowledge or technical ability.


Additional information ALLAN

additionalAllan as a boy's name is of Old German and Gaelic origin meaning "precious"..

additional This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language.

additionalThe name Allan is a Celtic baby name. In Celtic the meaning of the name Allan is: Harmony, stone, or noble. Also fair, handsome. Originally a saint's name, it was reintroduced to Britain during the Norman Conquest, remained popular throughout the Middle Ages, and was revived in the 19th century. See also Allen..

additionalThe name Allan is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Allan is: Fair; handsome. Also both a (noble, bright) and an abbreviation of names beginning with Al-..

additionalThe name Allan is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Allan is: Fair; handsome. Also both a (noble, bright) and an abbreviation of names beginning with Al-..

additionalAllan is a variant of Alan that is popular in Scotland and North America..


Definition funny of ALLAN

urbanAn amazing guy. He will make an amazing boyfriend and is most likely an amazing kisser. Super romantic and loves putting his arm around u .Very funny too , has the looks and the amazing personality. An allan is extremely loyal and will be with u as long as possible.He has a weird obsession with working out but its worth it cuz his muscles end up looking better than ever. usually goes for the the cute/nerdy/athletic girl and is willing to do anything to get her.Has amazing taste in music and clothes . He will never fail to be there for u and will do anything for u .If u stable across an Allan , keep him because he will change ur life.

urbanallan : "babe i got you something for valentines day" allan's gf : "aw ily so much ur so romantic and loyal" allan : "ily too babe"

urbanA guy who is always charming people to get out of trouble. Usually very fliratious with the females but deep down just wants a stable relationship with a chill girl. Very goodlooking and quick witted.

urbanThat guy is such an "Allan", he got away with stealing car and got a date with three of hot reporters outside the court.

urbanAllan- A boy, someone so smart and cool. Can be a rude. But also so adorable. Amazing charming person in the world. The best friend anyone can have. Also a person who likes to laugh a LOT with his friends. Allan is also kind of a show off. He is also a goofball😂❤ also the cutest person.👍✌🤘HE ROCKS :D He is also kind of popular, he has tons of friends. If you read this I'm Allan's friend. :3

urbanFriend: ALLAN LOOK AT WHAT I DREW (Shows a retarded picture of sonic the hedgehog transformed to frog) Friend: PRETTY COOL HUH (Starts to laugh hard) Allan:(Joins and is the one laughing harder)

urbanA very kind guy, who's nice to everyone around him. He's polite, funny, careful and gives the best hugs. He's charming, well-smelling and brilliant. Some people find him strange because of his unusual habits and likes and dislikes, but he is always well-liked. He's amazing.

urban-Where's Allan?" -Next to the other awesome guys, of course" "This guy is so cool... His name's got to be Allan"

urbanThe name for an amazing person.

urbanwow allan sure is an allan!

urbanA very sophisticated person who dresses in suits. An educator. A person who is generous--especially when it comes to one's grade point average. A person who loves to travel and enjoys diversity and culture--particularly the Jewish culture.

urbanAwesome, my GPA just got allaned!!

urbanThought out for precious Celtic saints who diffused harmony and peace; it is a common middle name for brilliant thinkers. Allan’s are handsome, noble, cheerful, diplomatic, friendly, practical, and lovely.

urbanEdgar Allan Poe’s writing was a brilliant psychological mind trip.


Expression information ALLAN

expressionPeople with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.


Soul information ALLAN

soulPeople with this name tend to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. Their practical nature makes them good at managing and saving money, and at building things in the material world. Because of their focus on order and practicality, they may seem overly cautious and conservative at times.


Songs about ALLAN

songsThe Adventures of Allan Gordon by The Fall of Troy


Books about ALLAN

books unkown


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