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numerology You are extremely sensitive and insightful, and you have the makings of a born diplomat! Your path will lead you to seek balance and harmony in everything you do, and one of the major lessons of this life path number is to learn to balance your sensitivity. Rather than becoming hurt or resentful because of your unusual sensitivity, you must learn to use this gift to build cooperation, teach compromise and patience, and become a peacemaker. You were born to relate to others and your mission in life is to bring people together. You will be successful in any venture that allows you to mediate, negotiate, take care of details or gather facts. Your awareness, diplomatic skills and organizational talents gives you the unique ability to accomplish much.


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urbanA slang word for a Colt King Cobra .357 magnum. Often called a Cobra on the streets.

urban"Hit him with that cobra Now that boy slumped over They do it all for Sosa" -Love Sosa - Chief Keef

urbanSomeone (normally a boy) who flirts intensively with the opposite sex by acting like a prick and follows them round everywhere.

urbanHe's such a Cobra, I feel sorry for that girl she just can't escape. That Cobra is at it again, attention seeking and trying to show off infront of her

urbanWhen urinating a male pulls their foreskin up as far as they can. Once pulled out to the max they ensue to squeeze and shut the foreskin. The next step is to start peeing, the pee will balloon up in the foreskin. Once the foreskin has reached the desired size the male will release the pressure on the foreskin unloading a plethora of urine on surrounding toilets and victims. When done properly one should be able to pee large distances in almost any direction. Be sure to do this in a shower when starting out, to save a mess that will happen

urban"Dude, I just had the best Cobra ever, I hit the roof with my urine." "I wish i wasn't circumcised, then I would still be able to do the Cobra"

urban1.The act of shouting the word "COBRA!" after performing an act of petty "crime" (Usually not even considered crime, but more of a petty annoyance), then running away as fast as you possibly can. 2.To write the word "COBRA! on something, to make its glory viewable to the entire community. Shouting the word "COBRA!" and running off is generally followed up after doing this, as the ancient ritual goes. "COBRA!" is also sometimes described as a way of life or a state of mind by its practitioners. Inner enlightenment is said to occur to most people after successfully cobraing something, and the sudden realization has also frightened off most of the potential practitioners. Those with a high enough willpower to "COBRA!" again, often do.

urban"Dude, I totally COBRA!'d that kids homework." "(After stealing all the sugar packets in Burger King) COBRA!"

urbanThe Terrorist organization constantly beat by the G.I. Joes led by the notorious Cobra Commander and Destro.

urbanCobra is behind every international problem.

urbanA swift unexpecting hit to a persons genital at any given time with your hand. When performing a Cobra you yell out "COBRA" then go for the hit.

urbanWhile having a conversation about your week-end with your friends in the middle of a sentence yell "COBRA" then hit your friend and continue on with your previous topic.

urbanA bad ass character from a bad ass movie, the 1986 action film Cobra, starring Sylvester Stallone as Cobra. In that movie Cobra is a bad ass who wears Fingerless gloves and eats pizza with scissors.

urbanCobra is such an awesome movie because of the character Cobra. There should have been sequels to Cobra, because Cobra was such an awesome character.


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