Meaning A spelling variant of Nicholas, meaning 'victory of the people.' This name is associated with Santa Claus., The meaning of the name Nikolas is Victory Of The People, the peoples victory,

Origin Greek, The origin of the name Nikolas is Greek, From the Latin Nicolaus, a derivative of the Greek Nikolaos (victory of the people), a compound name composed of the elements nikē (victory) and laos (the people). The name was borne by St. Nicholas, a 4th-century bishop of Myra who is regarded as the patron saint of Russia and Greece, and of children, sailors, and wolves.,

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Numerology information NIKOLAS:

numerology You are an original! Independent and courageous, you are a creative achiever and a strong individual. Your path will take you down the road to independence, and you'll learn the benefits of being self-sufficient. Your first lesson is to learn to stand comfortably on your own two feet without leaning on other people. Once you learn this lesson, you will move to the next level of this life path number: leadership. You are a born leader, and you will have many opportunities to demonstrate this ability in life. Your strong pioneering spirit, courage and determination will serve you well along this road. You will be successful in any career field that allows you to utilize your unique ideas and pioneering spirit!


Additional information NIKOLAS

additional This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language.

additionalNikolas as a boy's name is related to the Greek name Nicholas. The meaning of Nikolas is "people of victory"..

additionalThe name Nikolas is a Slavic baby name. In Slavic the meaning of the name Nikolas is: Victorious; conquerer of the people..

additionalThe name Nikolas is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Nikolas is: Victorious; conquerer of the people..

additionalNikolas is a variant of the name Nicholas, which comes from a Greek word meaning ‘The Peoples Victory’. Nikolas is used more in Europe than in Britain where Nicholas is the more common form. It is especially popular in France..


Definition funny of NIKOLAS

urbanAn extremely attractive, good natured, smart, and humourous male, who makes women swoon with a single glance. Is responsible and a hard worker, but can still get down and have awesomely good fun times. Irresistable.

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urbanGirls Alouds top fan; amazing friend; quite frankly a bit crazy; lovable; movie fanatic; passionate; special

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Expression information NIKOLAS

expressionPeople with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.


Soul information NIKOLAS

soulPeople with this name tend to be passionate, compassionate, intuitive, romantic, and to have magnetic personalities. They are usually humanitarian, broadminded and generous, and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity. Because they are so affectionate and giving, they may be imposed on. They are romantic and easily fall in love, but may be easily hurt and are sometimes quick-tempered.


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