Meaning The name Rory is usually used as a masculine name. It means 'red' or 'red king'., The meaning of the name Rory is Red King, red haired king,

Origin Celtic, The origin of the name Rory is Irish, Irish, Gaelic,

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Numerology information RORY:

numerology You are extremely intelligent, philosophical and imaginative! You are psychically gifted and may enjoy your own solitude. Since you choose not to take anything at face value, your path will lead you to study, test, and analyze everything. You are a born searcher and seeker of truth, and attracted to all things spiritual and mystical. Your goal is devoted to investigations into the unknown, and to finding answers to the mysteries of life. You will be successful in any field that calls for analysis, deductive reasoning, scientific knowledge or technical ability.


Additional information RORY

additional This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language.

additionalWhether or not you're inspired by the beloved character on “Gilmore Girls”—yay if you were!—Rory is a fun, spirited name to give either a baby boy or girl (though it’s more often given to boys). Its roots are Irish, but the name would fit a child of any culture, redhead (“red king”) or not. It exudes sportiness and a happy-go-lucky nature. Representing the Rorys is one of the top-rated golfers in the world, Rory McIlroy, who hails from Ireland..

additionalRory is a Scottish and Irish name derived from the Gaelic words meaning ‘red’ and ‘king’. Famous bearers include Irish rock star Rory Gallagher, comedian Rory Bremner and rugby player Rory Underwood..

additionalThe name Rory is a Gaelic baby name. In Gaelic the meaning of the name Rory is: Red; ruddy..

additionalThe name Rory is an Irish baby name. In Irish the meaning of the name Rory is: Red. Sixteenth-century rebel chief Rory O'More is celebrated in Irish poetry..

additionalThe name Rory is a Teutonic baby name. In Teutonic the meaning of the name Rory is: Famous ruler..

additionalThe name Rory is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Rory is: Famous ruler..


Definition funny of RORY

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urbanSome blonde: Oh my god did you hear about Hayley? She hooked up with Rory last night Other chick: Hah, yeah, I did a week ago, he's got the biggest cock. Another Chick: are you guys talking about that shy guy over there? Some Blonde: yeah Another Chick: I thought he was a Rory, I mean just look at that ass!

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urbanA really cute guy who you will once in a life time meet. He's funny and really chill. He's also the sweetest boy around. If you ever meet a Rory I bet you you'll be lucky.

urbanPerson 1: Oooo damn is that a Rory over there? Person 2: You mean that one that's really cute and has lot's of friends? Person 1: Yip that's definitely a Rory

urbanTo be the human version of google.

urban"Whats the difference between raptors and t-rexes?" "I don't know. Rory it."

urbanis a thumb

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urbanA smart, charming individual with a unique charisma that causes all the girls within the building to be unnaturally attracted to him, but not in a romantic way. All relationships end in the friend zone and there are no escapes. IF a hot girl likes a Rory, she will not admit it because, despite said charisma and charm, she would feel embarrassed to associate herself with him in public/around close family due to his being a little husky. Hence, Rory will stay in the Friend Zone regarding that person until Rory dies. Sources: personal experience(s) Other notes: Despite constantly being friend-zoned, Rory does truly care but feels sad that he will be Forever Alone forever.

urban"Hey, who is that guy? I feel strangely attracted to him and ashamed of it at the same time!" "Oh... that's Rory. We're......friends."

urbanSomeone who dies a lot. Derived from the character of the same name in British sci-fi show Doctor Who, who died a lot, but at the time of writing is still somehow alive.

urbanOh my god, you killed Rory! You bastard!


Expression information RORY

expressionPeople with this name tend to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. Their practical nature makes them good at managing and saving money, and at building things in the material world. Because of their focus on order and practicality, they may seem overly cautious and conservative at times.


Soul information RORY

soulPeople with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.


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